Dwell time for real estate SEO - does it help Realtor websites rank?

In another thread @Bofficer was asking about video embedded on pages and if that helps SEO.

My answer to that specific question is in the thread Video content - a game-changer for your real estate SEO strategy? - #5 by Morgan

But what I realized is we don’t have a thread on “dwell time” so I figured I’d start one.

What is Dwell time? It’s the time a user spends on your page after they have clicked from somewhere (like a SERP). So if you have a video on your page for example and it takes 2 minutes to watch it and let’s say a user watches the whole thing, you get a bump in dwell time for that user of 2 minutes.

Make sense?

Why might search engines like Google think dwell time is a good thing? It’s common sense really.

The more time someone is on a page, the higher the quality of that page, right?

That’s the theory anyways :slight_smile: