Follow Up Boss acquired by Zillow - How to switch REW CRM. Start here!

The biggest news in the prop tech industry in a long time! Follow-Up Boss has been acquired by Zillow.

Of course, Zillow and FUB will both say (and rightly so) they will do everything to honor their customers, protect their data etc (and in Dan / FUB case I truly believe he’s an honourable man). I don’t do any business at all with Zillow and never have, so I cannot speak to how they operate.

That being said: there is a large group of Realtors and brokers who say they simply don’t want to do business with Zillow (or Zillow-owned companies) and claim they never will. This post is for you.

First, let’s address the pain: FUB is an amazing CRM… It’s the best standalone CRM in all of real estate. Dan and the team are amazing people to work with and I’m sure you’re super happy for them (we are too!)

They worked their butts off, built a great product, and have been rewarded with a huge payday. This is the way of things.

But now your CRM is owned by Zillow and you just have to leave!

Let’s talk about what that looks like. Migrating away from FUB.

As experts in FUB (Follow Up Boss) integrations, we here at Real Estate Webmasters can help you with migrate away from FUB. Whether it is to REW CRM or any other CRM of your choice.

How to leave Follow Up Boss (backing up your data, ingesting into a new system and making sure it all works!)

Exporting data:

You can easily manually export your data from FUB by taking the following steps:

First… Turn on ALL of your columns (including your custom columns)

Then go to your “People” and select all (to the left of names) then click export (be sure to select all columns)

There you go - you have an exported CSV of your people :slight_smile:

Using Zapier to Export FUB contacts

One of the best things about FUB is its bidirectional data syncing and Zapier integration.

This will make the exporting of your contacts quite easy.

Just go to Zapier and create a ZAP - (requires your FUB API key)

Once you’ve connected your Zapier account, you can do things like send to Google Sheets (The quickest, easiest way to ensure you have a “backup” immediately. (never a bad idea to have a backup).

After you’ve backed up your data it’s time to ingest into your new CRM system.

Depending on which system you use (there are thousands of choices for CRM out there, but only a handful of good ones specific to real estate)

Switching to Real Estate Webmasters CRM - the best all-in-one real estate CRM system

Changing CRM’s is a scary task for some. We “get it”.

In fact, there are likely many who are going to want to switch away from ZillowFUB but likely won’t (or will wait far too long to switch) because the task seems so daunting.

Let’s make it easy for you. We’ll do the work!

At Real Estate Webmasters (REW) we have done hundreds of custom integrations with FUB. We know the system backward and forwards.

We’re putting together a task force specifically for migrating customers away from FUB to REW and are providing up to $5,000 in consulting and migration team time completely free in order to help users make the switch. For most customers, this is more than enough budget to have us handle the project completely for you.

This offer is in “addition” to our current 12 Days Of Christmas promo btw, so you can stack the offers :slight_smile:

And with our referral offer, you can get your website for free with just 2 referrals. So tell your FUB friends.

Once your contacts are migrated:

I am going to personally run classes (and record them) showing you exactly how to setup the Real Estate Webmasters CRM system.

We have so many features that FUB has (and an even better UI) that I think you’ll actually be pleasantly surprised by how few things you’ll miss at FUB and how many new things (like our new deal management) that we are way ahead of FUB on.

A few key things you’ll learn/have setup for you:

  • Smart lists: how to create/edit them.
  • Action plans: Automate your emails and texting as well as set up custom follow up in the system for every lead!
    *Texting: Let’s get you a texting “campaign” going (it can be automatic)
    *Dialer: How to assign numbers, record calls, store notes and access reporting
    *Agent accountability: Setting up your agent’s dashboard to get exactly the adoption/usage data you want.
    *Campaigns: How to set up long-term nurture email campaigns.
    *Zapier Integration: Want to get leads from other sources? REW CRM connects to thousands of applications via Zapier.

There are so many more things we’ll teach you, but these are some highlights.

Oh yeah, and what about all the things REW CRM does that FUB “doesn’t” do! Like saved searches!

Keep in mind, REW CRM is IDX / MLS enabled so you can do things like:

*Save searches: Create, edit, share, and review MLS searches all within the CRM
*Recommend Listings: Send listings directly to their Dashboard
*REWPert AI: Use our artificial intelligence robot to write amazing customized emails and texts for you to send to your clients.
*Log your deals: FUB has deal tracking “sort of” but it’s nothing like REW Deals. We have an extremely powerful engine that not only allows you to track deals but tracks your deals back to the source and automatically calculates the ROI of all of your marketing campaigns.