Going live with Renaissance upgrade from Discover

We’ve had multiple generations of REW sites (mostly templates with little custom work) and are upgrading to Renaissance from our current Discover (https://www.mikolajow.com)

I was excited to hear from a few clients who have used the notifications & search functions that their experience was better. Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated :smiley:

https://smikolajow.rewtemplates.com/ is what we’ll be rolling out - right now my goal is to improve signups and mobile optimization over the old site. I have many notes about the content but won’t do any major changes to that until site is launched as this site is almost entirely organic traffic. This forum has given me some great ideas, so thanks to all for that!

This is great @JeffMikolajow! Happy to hear that the forum has helped spark some ideas. Excited to see how your site evolves.