Google One Tap - Is it Good?

This is an extract from an email I received. According to REW support Google One Tap is not available. Is it a good thing? How would we get it? Thank you…

“Zillow,, and Redfin all use Google One Tap. In their initial release, Redfin reported an 80% increase in signups. The downstream impact is significant. Higher on-site conversion rates. Better lead quality. Faster sales cycles. I predict within the next 12-18 months, all of the major IDX providers are going to migrate to Google One Tap.
There’s an important lesson here - when we can remove the friction in the process, create a more seamless experience, the consumer wins.”

When the consumer wins, the agent wins.

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This is already being discussed in several spots on the forums and there is an active project in the queue for Renaissance to have this feature available in an up coming update :slight_smile:

Example related thread: Register with Gmail for the website

Thanks Morgan - I did check before posting and could not find anything. Enjoy your weekend.

You too! It’s a cool feature and I’m looking forward to testing it out :slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder.


I am very close to upgrading my Fredrick website to Renaissance. This ONE TAP is a big deal from all the sources I am reading. Any ETA?