How to add a photo to the featured communities section

This is a really common question we get. “How do I add a photo to the featured communities section in the REW backend”

This is super simple:

You just log in to the backend, click on the CMS section (top right)
On the left, you’ll see Tools. Click that.
Then select communities.

One you are there, grab the community you want to add a photo to and then scroll down to where it says “community photos”.

Click the plus sign, add your photo, hit save. You’re done.

Screen should look like this

And here is a video on how to do it :slight_smile:

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If you have multiple photos for a community page, as in your example above, how do they appear on the live site? Can you put the link to the community page you were editing in the example above?

I am pretty sure (but I’ll have to check with @rchohan) that it adds arrows that you can scroll through. Rachna is that correct?

I found an example, yes it adds arrows (And dots) :slight_smile:

Morgan you beat me to it.

But to confirm, when there is more than one community photo uploaded. Arrows will display on the website to allow for easy navigation. To avoid taking away from the image itself, the arrows will display on hover but the pagination dots will always display to give the user the notion of multiple images.

Hope that helps

Awesome. Thank you. So we need to upload a header photo for the top of the page, that is separate from the photos in the featured communities section, as described here: How to use the Renaissance community page template

That is correct, the main “Hero photo” is most definitely separate from the photos you include in the featured communities module. For the community module photos, go to tools, communities and select the community. Upload images is at the bottom :slight_smile:

And here is a video created by the amazing @Elianna on how to do it as well :slight_smile: