How to use the Renaissance community page template

Creating a Community Page is an important thing to learn in order to build out the content of your website, and with the Renaissance it’s never been easier!

Once you have created a Featured Community it’s time to build the Community Page, and understanding what the community page features do will give you the tools to build amazing communities.

See the post “How to apply page templates on Renaissance” on guidance to enable, and before enabling make sure you have created the corresponding Featured Community.

Open a community page to edit.
Scroll past the “Page Template” selector.
Look for the “Community” field and select to open a dropdown.
Select the appropriate Featured Community from dropdown menu
You will be prompted to add the Featured Community snippet to the page content, agree to this if you haven’t already added the snippet to the page.

Scroll down to the “Image” option.
Click the plus sign, add your photo (recommended image resolution: 1903x750)

Next, scroll to “Header Image Height”, click this field.
Select header size from dropdown.

The next option is “Header Image Position”, click this field.
Select the vertical focus position of the image from dropdown.

Next, you have a toggle to display the “Quick Search”.
If enabled you will be presented with additional options.
Toggle “Quicksearch More Options” to provide additional IDX search filters.
Toggle “Quicksearch Show Rent Option” to display an option to switch between buy and rent.

Scroll down to “Show Navigation” where you can toggle to display a side navigation menu.
If enabled you will also have an additional option to add a CMS Snippet.
Enter snippet name, then set “Sidebar Snippet Location”

The last item is a toggle to display “Breadcrumbs”

Click Save.
Check out your new community page and add content or fine tune as desired.

Here is the video guide on How To Use The Renaissance Community Page Template