How to add the "human touch" to AI-generated content writing

As I’m sure all of you know, each property listing is unique - it’s not just square footage, number of rooms, or a zip code. It’s about the history, the memories, and the life that unfolds within those four walls.

As much as AI-generated writing assistants like ChatGPT can help with writing speed, and efficiency, sometimes they miss the human touch that’s required to actually resonate with prospective real estate clients.

Sometimes, what’s generated is outright incorrect.

To find a good balance between this technology and human charm, I’ve put together a blog titled " Perfecting AI-Written Content in Real Estate" that was released today. I went through some simple but effective steps to breath life into AI-generated content.

Something I mention is storytelling - instead of facts, tell a story. Was the home built by a well-known local architect? What was happening locally when this home was built? These personal, historical tidbits are great for connecting with potential buyers.

I don’t want to reiterate the blog verbatim, but I’d be interested in hearing a bit more about your experience with editing AI-generated written content - AI content is known for being a bit dry and lacking context, what do you recommend to bring you copywriting to life, if you use a tool like ChatGPT?

Here’s the link to the blog post, I’d love to get your thoughts and critiques, as well.

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We have started using some A.I. generated content and yes, it needs to be edited for accuracy and dryness. It does depend on what you are trying to do with the content such as in a blog, social media or or in other areas. Your audience is key to how you prepare the information to get the most traction. If it is to gain attention of Realtors it most likely won’t be quite as edited as if it were going out to the public. We use photos to illustrate some of the content at times and therefore we are appealing to different senses of our audience. Still need to use it further to find out if it is working like we would like it to, so we still have a lot to learn.

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Thanks for sharing, Larry!

A lot of what you mentioned is also in the blog post we just posted today, so obviously great minds think alike. I’ve learned that the editing process is quite nuanced depending on what type of content you’re writing, just like you mentioned.

Speaking of photos, we’re actually releasing a new blog on how to use AI to optimize images for SEO and user experience purposes, I’ll link to it below once it’s live.

As promised, here’s our most recent blog about leveraging AI for image optimization.