AI is NOT ready to write your property descriptions (unless you want to get sued)

Check this out - I gave the same instructions to ChatGPT, The Open AI Playground and Real Estate Webmasters AI Robot REWPert.

This is the instruction I gave:

Notice I told it “not” to add anything I didn’t list?

Now take a look at the outputs:

Here is ChatGPT

Does each Bedroom come with its own private bathroom? I didn’t say that! Pretty sure a buyer would be disappointed to learn otherwise (several other errors in there as well)

OpenAI Playground

It’s on the ground floor? Is it? The condo complex has a swimming pool? Fitness center? Clubhouse?

AWESOME! (If it exists) - VERY angry customers if it does not.

And even our young lad REWpert took at shot at it.

REWPERT NO!!! Where did I say the kitchen had been updated?

The point being (and I’m even calling out our BETA AI Robot here) - AI is amazing for fact-based writing (and creative writing where the facts aren’t as important to the output)

But real estate is HEAVY on compliance (and the truth about the details of a list are “kinda” important.

So my advice (for now) stay the heck away from AI and ChatGPT for producing your real estate descriptions or AT LEAST be prepared to do a lot of editing and fact-checking.

Who here is using AI for descriptions? Is this your experience as well?


I’ve noticed that this family of chatbots (not sure about others) have a lot of trouble with “Do not use/include” type commands. I’ve experimented with a number of prompt styles and structures but nothing 100% reliable.

Ask it to "Describe Rome without using the word ‘city’ " and you’ll see what I mean :smile:

I find you have to give it a lot of training / prompting in order for it to output something worthwhile. I think it’s a great tool to take a little bit of the edge off of creating if you use it the right way. I’m sure we will see the algorithms advance and soon there will be classes for prompting different AIs. Ultimately it’s a tool not a crutch. Excited to use the REW version ^.^

What I like about ChatGPT is that a lot of that training and refining can be done in a very natural and conversational way. For example, the omission issue I mentioned above is almost always solved by a second-pass edit. You just remind the chatbot - in a very conversational way - that it included a word that you asked it not to, and it immediately offers a competent rewrite.

Yes, we have to be real careful. I tried ChatGPT on a recent listing, wrote my normal remarks, copied it to ChatGPT. It did a great job, definitely need to edit it prior to submitting

Sorry to bring back from the dead an old thread. I wanted to jump on it because I made an app that generates listing descriptions and is aimed to solve the specific problems you’re describing here - errors and omissions.

If anyone wants to try it and give me some feedback I’d love that, “betterlistings” (it’s free no signup required unless you’re going to become a heavy user)