How to apply page templates on Renaissance

With your Renaissance website, you may be wondering “what page templates are available, and how do I apply them to a page?”.

The great news is that Renaissance has a variety of robust page template options.

Cover - Your default homepage option, can be used to create additional cover pages.
Content - Standard page setup. Includes option for hero image and heading text.
Community - Used in conjunction with the Featured Communities feature. Option to display a hero image with overlaid text.
Basic - Another standard page setup. Includes option for heading above page content (does not have a hero image option).

Setting a page template is super simple:

Start by logging in to the backend, click on the ‘CMS’ section (top right menu)
On the left, you’ll see ‘Pages’. Select that to go to a list of your pages.

From the pages list, select the page you want to edit. On that page scroll down to where it says “Page Template” and select the template you want to use. Additional options will be available below the template selector after selecting.

Select the save button and check out how your page looks now.

And here it is with an awesome video!

Great stuff @Travis will you be creating more detailed individual posts “per template” to point out the features of each on?

Like a “Features Of Cover Template” ?

There will for sure be more detailed posts on each page template and it’s featured options!
Keep your eyes peeled for even more posts and “How To’s”!