How to use the Renaissance content and basic page templates

Not all pages of your website will be Featured Communities or Cover Pages, this is why it is important to know how to use the Content and Basic page templates.

Renaissance introduces the option to have two different types of general content pages. The difference between the two is that Content pages have the option to add a Hero Image.

See the post “How to apply page templates on Renaissance” on guidance to enable.

Setting up a page with these templates is super easy:

Open a general content page to edit.
Scroll past the “Page Template” selector.
Look for the “Headline” field, add text to be displayed at the top of the page.

(Content template only)
Scroll down to the “Image” option.
Click the plus sign, add your photo (recommended image resolution: 1903x750)
After adding an image, add text into the “Alt Text” field (recommended for accessibility and SEO).
Next, scroll to “Header Image Height”, click this field.
Select header size from dropdown.
The next option is “Header Image Position”, click this field.
Select the vertical focus position of the image from dropdown.
(End of the Content template only settings)

Scroll down to “Show Navigation” where you can toggle to display a side navigation menu.
If enabled you will also have an additional option to add a CMS Snippet.
Enter snippet name, then set “Sidebar Snippet Location”

Next, you have a toggle to display the “Quick Search”.
If enabled you will be presented with additional options.
Toggle “Quicksearch More Options” to provide additional IDX search filters.
Toggle “Quicksearch Show Rent Option” to display an option to switch between buy and rent.

The last item is a toggle to display “Breadcrumbs”

Click Save.
Check out your page and add content or fine tune as desired.

Here is the video guide on How To Use The Renaissance Content And Basic Page Templates

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How can I delete a page?

When I’m in the CMS and on the page that I created ( which now I want to delete) I don’t
see a delete option…

Go to Pages > Filter > (click delete icon) example

I do think it’s a bit odd it’s not also on the page itself, I’ll have @REW.Michael and @Aayaam add it to the list (User story, delete a page “from” that page) :slight_smile:


Yeah makes sense - we can add that!

When you use the “Community” page template, it adds a “Search Listings” button below the hero image, like so:

The “Search Listings” button’s URL is “/idx” on all of my community pages, even when I have associated the CMS page with an IDX snippet. Is there a mechanism which causes this button to point elsewhere? I would like it to jump down to the IDX listings snippet.

It’s a hard coded button that links to the IDX, it wasn’t designed to be a jump to the snippet, but of course you can have the team do that for you :slight_smile:

Great to see you back on the boards btw Gerry T

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Thanks for the reply Morgan - it’s nice to be here!
Not designed to jump down to listings, that is no problem - but I’m sure it’s intended to go to relevant listing results, not just “/idx”.
Ahh, I do see on LosAngelesRealEstate that it DOES link to relevant listings (e.g., city=Beverly Hills if clicking from the Beverly Hills page). So, REW has it right, I think I am just having a site-specific issue and I will work it out with Support or custom team as appropriate.

Can we change the color of that button ourselves or is that custom work?