How to use the Renaissance cover page template features

Setting up your cover page on Renaissance is an easy and simple task, and with new features and optimizations, it’s easier than ever to set up a beautiful and effective cover page.

Understanding what these cover page features do will allow you to set up your cover page the way you want to.

See the post “How to apply page templates on Renaissance” on guidance to enable.


Open a cover page, scroll past the “Page Template” selector for the first set of options; “Background”.
Select the field directly below the words “Background” to open a dropdown menu.

From the dropdown menu, you can choose between Photo, Slideshow, YouTube Video, Panoramic Photo, and 360 Photo.

For a single photo, panoramic photo, or 360 photo, simply click the plus sign and add your photo.
For slideshow images, select “Add Slides”, select the plus sign, add your image. Repeat for more slides.
For a YouTube Video, enter in the “YouTube Video ID”.

“Photo” allows you to set an "Alt text: for the image, and choose “Image Position”.
“Slideshow” allows you to add “Alt text” when adding a slide.
“YouTube Video” allows you to Mute, Autoplay, Auto-Pause, and Allow Interaction on the video.



Scroll past the background options and you come to the Foreground settings.
These adjust the options overlaying the background.

Enter text into “Intro” and “Heading” to display above the quick search.

Use “Quicksearch Alignment” to adjust the vertical placement of the quick search, which also adjust the position of the “Intro” and “Heading”.

Toggle On/Off for “Quicksearch More Options”, use this to provide additional IDX search filters.

Toggle On/Off for “Quicksearch Show Rent Option”, use this to display an option to switch between buy and rent.

The last item, “Show CTA Banner”, allows you to display a “What’s your home worth?” CTA directly below the background feature.

Hey @Travis what is the best resolution for the photo option for the cover page: Is it 2000 x 900?

Hey @Morgan you are correct about the image resolution of 2000x900. Using this image size you can then set the focus point by adjusting the vertical image position when using the “Photo” background option.

If using “Slideshow” the resolution will be 1903x750 for most desktop displays.

That’s awesome! @Aayaam you know what would be cool? A tooltip in the CMS for each of these options so folks know what best resolution to add. Maybe even link to a best-practices forum post in the tooltip :slight_smile:

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Love the idea @Morgan! Bookmarking this for our next R&D discussion. Keep them coming :slight_smile:

I have a 360 image on my homepage and there is a distinct line in the photo connecting the end and beginning of the image. What are your suggestions to smooth the transition?

Hello Denise, for performance reasons, I personally don’t advocate 360 images on main pages, however if you are sure you want to use one, if you can link us to it, we can take a look. Generally this likely has to do with either how it was compiled or dimensions. I’ve not seen these issues.

Actually, I just looked and this is not related specifically to Renaissance, you have this on your homepage of a “vision” website right now. I’m not an expert on 360 image compilation but I imagine that line was created when the image was compiled and is not being caused by the REW system.

Here is the video guide on How To Use The Renaissance Cover Page Template Features