Learn from an Austin Real Estate SEO Expert? (A lesson in Keyword Research)

I have been doing some keyword research lately around topics we’d like to make sure we rank well for.

Today, I’m sharing this lesson from my own morning to help others who are deep into real estate SEO learn how to use their Google Search Console to find additional keywords to optimize for using the content pillar strategy.

So today I’m looking at various real estate SEO-related keywords and one of them that I’ve drilled down on is “real estate SEO expert” (screenshot below)

As you can see, there is a decent amount of impressions for both the “expert” and “experts” version, and we’re striking distance from #1. (I guess we must be SEO experts ourselves huh?)

The funny thing is, we’re not even intentionally targeting these keywords “yet” (but I now will be), we just organically rank because or work around the more generic “real estate SEO” campaign.

So what’s next?

First, I need to create a “subpage” of the SEO page for the keyword “real estate SEO expert” and then I create content around that particular topic to support it as it’s own pillar (which will also link back to the main pillar.

So for instance: I may blog about “top 5 things you need to know when hiring a real estate SEO expert” or “the most important on-page elements to focus on for your real estate website as share by SEO experts

Those posts become supporting content pages for the structure of a new pillar.

And THEN, I’ll also use forum posts as alternative / interactive pages and fresh content to continue to develop links to both the main SEO pillar and the secondary experts pillar :slight_smile:

But why include Austin in this title and lesson?

Take a look at the screenshot above:

Notice anything? There are a few other keywords in there that also get traffic. And while “real estate expert in Twinsburg” seems to be a bit of an anomaly (or maybe not) << Probably some search engine optimization person googling their own rankings, I honestly think the Austin TX searches are legit.

It’s not a tonne of searches, but it’s hyper-local from an SEO perspective which usually is a high-quality intent signal.

Now as you know Real Estate Webmasters is not in Austin, but we have worked with many Austin Real Estate companies over the years including Realy Austin, JB Goodwin, Moreland, Austinrealestate.com, the list goes on and on, so you might say we are likely more qualified in that area than most.

And if we can rank (and show our smarts when it comes to SEO) maybe we can convince whoever searched it to give us a shot, even if we don’t live in Texas :slight_smile: (After all, great SEO is not limited to the place you live).

And if nothing else, we get to make this post, which is creating additional, high-value search content that Google, Bing etc can now use to give us credit for being the SEM experts that we are and hopefully this will drive more rankings for our main pages.

So that’s the lesson - drill down into your keywords, create new pillars (or hubs or whatever you want to call them) and then create a strategy on how to attack those keywords for rankings.

If you’d like a specific example from a real estate agent site, post a comment below…

And if you just did the search “Austin Real Estate SEO Expert” or “experts” you may have found this thread now because of those post. Which shows off how we think about organic SEO/SEM…

So maybe you want to hire us instead of looking for someone from Austin :smiley:

As a follow up for myself: Based on the targeted nature of "real estate SEO expert (s) and the volume, I will be creating a new pillar (which I will come back to this thread and link to once created).

But for the Austin real estate SEO experts, I will only make this post since the search volume is not as high, and it’s not a “perfect” match (due to the intent being looking for local) and I’ll think of this post more as pillar support, than an actual intentful page to rank.

The point being, not every keyword deserves a full page, blog post or especially a pillar. Sometimes just having a post, or segment on a keyword is as far as you might go. So if you want to learn how to become a real estate SEO expert, Julida from our team has written a really nice primer.