New C21 Rebrand Colour Scheme (Vision)

I am working with the team on a new C21 Colour Scheme. I would love some feedback from my C21 broker friends and others on what you think. Main page done so far (working on internal pages after)

Here is the link,

What do you think? Please comment below

Looks pretty slick!

Hi Morgan… I like the vision website (I am moving to it myself)… I was looking at the map page… the gold is not as striking against the white… I was also thinking on a large screen the listings portion seems out of proportion(small) compared to the map. It seems 1/4 listings column to 3/4’s map


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That is actually a setting :slight_smile: click less map (you can make it half half by default :wink:

I think it looks awesome! Looks really modern and clean. I’d second the comment about the color contrast, though. Some folks (cough like me) have old eyes and it can be difficult to see on smaller screens.

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