New Fall Real Estate CRM Features!

Hello Renaissance Family! It has been a few months since I have last connected with you all and I am excited to share that there are some exciting new features and updates being released within the renaissance platform. You should already see some of these new features on your site!

Merge Codes:
In our Summer Release, additional merge codes were added within the Campaigns tool only. With the success of utilizing these merge codes, they can now be used across CRM!

Some of our clients also shared that the font size of the merge codes, was often ineligible, so we have increased the font size.

Upon clicking the blue “More Tags” button in the help text, a pop-up modal would appear on the screen. A detailed list of the merge codes and the option to copy any merge code will be provided on the pop-up.

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Configurable Theme Header Bars:
You now have access to change the opacity of the header background in Renaissance. Once this feature is enabled, you can choose three header background options, which are white, black and transparent. Upon disabling this feature, the header would default to the fadegradient background color on the homepage. When using black and white logos, we suggest that you use contrasting colors in the header.

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City Panel within the IDX settings:
Why was the CITY panel removed? This option was not intended to be used as a default or a panel option within the Hybrid Search.
Changes that were made:
The city panel has been removed from the Settings >> IDX Settings >> Search Tab
If you are currently using this feature, you will still be able to access the panel, but if you remove the panel, you will not be able to bring it back.
Panels in the advanced tab in the Saved Searches and IDX Snippets, will not be affected by this change.

Check out our Video!

Let’s Get Organized!
IDX Settings: you will notice that some tabs have been moved around within the CRM Settings. This is to help keep things together and in a proper flow.

Removing old lead details:
“Lead_details” toggle has been removed from the backend.

Hiding Twitter, Yahoo and Windows Live API from CRM:
With recommendations provided, we have hidden the Twitter, Yahoo and Windows Live APl in the Social Connect. If you are currently using this feature, there will be no changes, however, if you clear the credentials, the credentials would be ID and Secret, this feature will be hidden.

As a Super Admin, we have added a control where you can update the permissions for an agent to post blogs on the main site within the permissions tab. Simple as 1, 2, 3 - Under Blog Privileges, check off “Allow Posting to Main Site.”

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your interactions with us!

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Hey team → These are great updates!

Set Default Header Images - would love to see a fix for this implemented as well, a global default header (when none is set) image would be an ideal fix.

Hey Cody!

Thank you for the suggestion. I am going to share this with our development team. Hope you have a great week ahead!
Thank you!