New graphs / timelines in REW CRM - what do you want first?

Who loves a good graph in their CRM? (I do!)

The team (led by @Phil on creative) is working on building new graphs into several areas of the REW CRM and we’d love to have your feedback (and hear your requests).

Phase one is “simple graphs” meaning line item overlay based on time. We’ll have just a few options to select from on each graph type to keep it simple, and the scope manageable (so we can get you something quickly).

Think Google Search Console Graphs

Before we get into the “multiple items in one graph” let’s talk about the basics (single element like the graphic above).

What are some of the things you would want to see / trend “over time”

For example:

On the CRM / Leads Screen I would want to see

number of new leads over time.
number of returning leads over time
number of inquiries over time

For the agent screen I’d love to be able to see things like

number of calls over time
number of emails over time
number of texts over time
number of deals over time

For phase 2, I think a “compare” would be really good as well (screen for Google G4)

Also, phase 2 (or phase 3) would be showing multiple data points against each other.

FUB does this well (Screenshot from their website)

Where they compare 2 dimensions (new leads vs call attempts) etc

For now though - so we can get going on the look / feel of the UI - I’d love to focus on single line items.

So how about it REW fans? What graphs do you want to see first?

I’m also a big fan of search console overlay (colors, big boxes)

Simple, visual, (boxes might be a bit “too” big, but I like the idea).

I also like that for standardized boxes there is the question mark with the tool top on mouse over.

Maybe too much for phase-1, but it would be great to have cost-per metrics - if you could pull that from Google Ads/Bing.

That would require the invention of a new feature as pulling that data into the CRM does not exist today. (And it’s a pretty heavy lift),

That being said. Once we launch the new source management with budget attribution such a thing is possible :slight_smile: (That’s already coming soon)

Actually Steve you just gave me a GREAT idea! Using the API / Zapier to ingest Adwords, facebook, and bing paid data into the CRM via source attribution dynamically.

@Aayaam - this is a bit complex, but I have an idea of how it could be done.

I would like to see charts/timelines on open rates, clickthrough rates for drip campaigns and home search emails. It feels like we’re flying blind on how effective our drips are. Or we have hints like a page we linked to in a drip saw a bump in views shortly after we sent it.

One suggestion on comparisons. I really like this screenshot showing a trend comparison of 21-week and 5-week averages. I love how it’s visually clear and unmistakeable with those trend lines and minute markers. It’s from Apple Health on the iPhone. Typical Apple in that some of the chart is too lightly shaded and low contrast. Ignore my embarrassingly low exercise minutes, I was too lazy to blur it
Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 3.55.34 PM

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I dig the compare to average too! Though my preference is still line stile

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Love Phase 2 “compare”! I miss the old calendar.

What specifically do you miss about the “old calendar”?

I’m not familiar with what the old calendar looked like or did - can you tell us what you really loved about it?