New Real Estate CRM dynamic referrals, source and budget attribution

The hits just keep on coming. This new real estate CRM feature is HOT!

Scheduled for the release after next (around a month from now) we are going to add an exciting new feature that includes manual and dynamic source tracking as well as budget attribution.

Here’s how lead source tracking works (and why it’s awesome!)

First: There are managed sources.
This is quite simple and follows the same UI patterns as adding groups. Create as many custom sources as you like.

How is “source” different from “referrer”

Referrer (which is already in REW CRM) is something that is automatically tracked based on where someone came from on the web. It is a singular tracking element and it relies on someone actually coming “from the web”. If they come from somewhere else, there is no referrer.

So for example, if someone comes from or Facebook, or another website, we can track the referrer.

A referrer is automatic and cannot be manually changed/added or edited. It’s a server-side thing.

But leads don’t just come from the web. Do they?

Of course not.

You can get leads from sign calls, meet them at events, you can cold call them, radio, TV - you name it!

Also, there is a concept of omni-channel marketing (which most of you already do) whereby the original source may be one thing (like Google) but then you might get them to come back via Facebook or LinkedIn etc.

Sources solve all of these issues.

In sources, you can both manually add a source AND you can dynamically add / track sources.

Let’s say you have a facebook organic and Facebook paid and you get leads from both. You can automatically map via referrer both channels into a “Facebook” source group. (Since they both come from the web and have unique URL’s)

But it gets even better. Since you can also manually log leads to sources, if you speak to a lead (let’s say they call in) and you ask (as you should) how did you find out about us? If they say “Facebook” you can now attribute that lead to the correct source even though they were not captured via the web.

Already super handy, right? But we’re just getting started.

What do marketers really want to know?

What is the ROI of my efforts or spend. What channel is giving me the best returns!

This is the master stroke of source management. Budget attribution!

Not only can you now more effectively track your lead sources, but you can assign / track budgets spent on those campaigns over time.

Check it out!

So now I know WHERE the lead came from. But I also know how much I spent to acquire that lead (and my CRM knows it too!)

The formula is simple: Budget over that timeframe / Leads captured via that source in that timeframe.

This will feed a future cost per lead by source report. Sick right?


Once we add our deal tracking upgrade (launching in Beta in 90 days) we have officially changed the game!

Check it out:

Notice anything? Your CRM now knows the revenue generated from the sale (in total).

It also knows how much of that revenue went to the agent and how much went to the broker.

AND it knows how much was spent on the lead to capture that revenue.

Think of the reporting you can do with this information?

The marketing decisions you can make!!

And it works over time AND is backwards compatible!

So you could go back 2, 3 - 5 years (if you have your spend data) and add your budgets to sources like Adwords, Facebook even SEO!

What you’ll find is the further back you go, the better the ROI from that spend gets (Since you pay to capture leads once, but you work them forever) thus more deals are captured from the “same spend” over time.

It even allows you capture / calculate ROI on multiple deals from the same source / lead.

Source is coming out in like 60 days or less. Everyone gets this if you’re on the latest Renaissance (if you’re super custom you might need some retainer hours, speak to your AM about how to get some or all of them for free).

Transaction logging (beta) is coming out in 90 days.

If you want to be considered for the transaction logging Beta, please comment below “deals logging please!” or some other positive affirmation :point_down:t2:

Personally (since we just switched away from Salesforce back to REW CRM, I am SO EXCITED for these features and will use them daily).


This is amazing!! Things I couldn’t imagine being possible, REW makes possible!

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@Morgan - I have some minor backend mods so will need to pay for the update. Is there a big release that’ll have many of these new features included? Will there be an announcement with a list of the updates when it’s available?

Hey Brad, do you know about the early renewals program? (It is designed to give you free agency work for exactly this use case < to provide a low / no cost option to upgrade). Happy to have your AM reach out about it.

To answer your question: These things come out sequentially. Small things usually every month or two and then big things every 3-4 months.

The next release (this month) isn’t a big one (it is most bug fixes, product hardening, security etc) but it does have one cool feature, and that is the ability to pause campaigns and action plans based on emails or texts being replied to in the system.

The “next” release (about 45-60 days from now) should include source management (but not deals management, they are separate) it will also include the brand new REW Intranet and “hopefully” the new dialer in beta. So the one after this one (inside of 60 days) is a BIG one!

The deals management is targetted for around 90 days (so 3 releases away) for beta and then will have several updates to it as we get feedback. It’s also a monster.

Yes announcements are done here on the forums (and via our socials) but you’re always encouraged if you’re curious to start a thread on the #rew-chat and ask what’s coming up - we’re happy to share :slight_smile:

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Hey Brad, thanks for posting in the forums! I’ll try reaching out to you today to go over everything

This is so exciting!

I think the best part based on my experience managing sales teams, is the information team leaders will now have easy visibility to with the deal tracking upgrade.

They will be able to see which agents are closing deals, how long their sales cycle to close deal was and are they more successful selling the homes less than $500K or should their efforts be focused on selling the million dollar homes? All this information will help in coaching agents (Managers/Team Leads love our reports :wink:)

I can imagine all the cool smart lists that will be created in the CRM. Can’t wait…

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