Notifications of best performing sources - CRM tell you where to invest marketing dollars

I just had a super fun idea!

Inspired by Google Adwords, how they recommend various optimizations in your campaign to help you meet certain objectives… (looks like this) < don’t love that

But what if we built this into the UI so that there were notifications you could fly out and have REWPert tell you which sources are giving you the best return on ad spend (and which aren’t) so you know exactly when to back off and when to lead in?

This of course would all be predicated on the launch of: Source / Budget attribution

But what a great feature!

What do you think?

REWpert pops up and says - "Dude, it’s been 12 months, and you’re -$9,000 on facebook ads, cut that stuff!

Or "Hey there Morgan, looks like Google Organic is your top source for quality leads (converting at 12%) you should really triple down on SEO.

Thoughts? Ideas? I like this one!


Love this, especially including SEO/organic in the mix. Would it know our spend for this? Can we add in our staff cost?

Yes! Well it won’t “know” your staff cost… but YOU will!

So let’s say for instance you pay REW $5,000 a month for SEO (easy for math)

And you estimate you pay your staff another $5,000 of their time per month to also work on things related to SEO (link building, PR, blogging whatever)

Then you just put the total in, and attribute it to that source.

Would love to get on a call to discuss this with you @MPerna - you’re the perfect candidate to be in the beta group given your size and level of savvy.

Let me know if you want to catch up next week.

It’s giving me Clippy vibes! I love it.