New Renaissance Launch - Liv Real Estate, Edmonton

We were super excited to launch our new Renaissance upgrade yesterday. I have a list of improvements to make, but I thought I’d see what your recommendations are. Looks like I just found a bug… how do I fix this open graph tag situation?

Thanks in advance. I’m happy to answer any questions about our experience so far :slight_smile:

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I am going to dig into this for the weekend, can’t wait to give you some feedback. It’s already awesome, and I have some tweaks that will make it even better!

Q: What do you mean open graph bug / situation?

I guess I fixed it :rofl: There was an error in the preview that came up when I put in the link to my site but it’s gone now.

And thank you so much!!!

@livrealestate You already know my thoughts, haha. I think it turned out great! Can’t wait to show it off. I suspect your list of improvements will be ongoing and you’ll always be thinking of something new!

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Promised you some technical feedback this weekend, might have to do this in a few different posts :slight_smile:

The first thing I would comment on is accessibility. It’s not the law in Alberta yet (at least not that I am aware of) but we do know that it will be coming.

More importantly, though, I truly believe Google gives credit for accessibility (I mean why wouldn’t they, being accessible is awesome!)

I’m using the WAV evaluation browser tool to take this screenshot and here is what I see.

1: Missing alt tags. This is SUPER simple (quick wins) just add alt=“descriptive image text” within your code. I’m pretty sure you know how to do this, you just missed some. The suspicious alt text flag, I looked at the source and those are also empty, but I think it is a double space in between the " " which is causing it. The solution is the same, just put proper alt text and you should be good.

*Note, if it’s in a custom element you can’t access, just ask your retainer team to do it for you, takes 5 seconds per image, but you should provide them with the text and image locations.

2: Low Contrast: This is actually due to your custom brand colours. There is not enough contrast between the medium grade aqua and the white text. If you want to fix this unfortunately you’d need to change the colours (darken them a bit on the CTA’s etc) - I know it’s your brand, so it’s a tough one, so it’s kind of an “up to you”. Give it some thought, might not take a huge change, and also might help the text on the CTA’s stand out more.

Next, let’s talk about WPO, it’s #renaissance so it’s already awesome (98 on desktop woot!) but you do have some issues you can correct for a better mobile score.

Almost all of your issues (across the board not just on WPO) are related to images.

You are generally not using properly sized, properly tagged, or next-generation format images. I think you could increase your speed quite a bit (and have much happier users on mobile) if you resampled all of your images. It’s a bit of work for sure, but worth it if you have the time (note, there may be a service for this, we should go look for one, it’s a super common problem and Realtors often don’t know how to do this (and why would they, they aren’t WPO experts).

The trickier one on mobile is the first contentful paint. It’s a tough one to solve on custom sites with a lot of content, but we could take a shot at it. That one you’d need an REW WPO expert for, you can’t tackle it yourself.

Hope that helps on the WPO / page speed side. I do think you’re doing pretty awesome already though and will already be one of the fastest sites in your market even as you are now.

Note: Page speed is most certainly a ranking factor for Google.

Next, SEO on details pages. :slight_smile:

You want @Carly mods + the new arrows (thanks for your feed back in that thread)

On Carly’s site we did a whole list of things, but what you want most is:

Inverted address price bar (h1 address, remove h2’s on numbers, add prev-next
Dynamic H2 heads (throughout page)
Natural language + dynamic data insertion descriptions.
Dynamic linking of area name to CMS pages for internal link structure
Optimized algorithm for related pages
Additional sitemap for similar properties (text based)

the other thing I’m doing right now is purging any properties out of the IDX / MLS that I don’t want (getting rid of property types, price ranges and areas we don’t service) in doing so it makes my database more performant and also will stop Google from indexing pages I don’t want which gives the pages I do want a better chance to rank highly for property addresses and other specific property terms.

I’ve added ALL of this to my list, thank you :slight_smile:
How do you purge properties you don’t want?

Custom programming :smiley:

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