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One of the important tools available via Google Adwords is Quality Score.

This has evolved quite a bit over the years in terms of its use, but in today’s Google, it is no longer used at the time of Adwords auction to determine Ad Rank.

So why use quality score if it isn’t a ranking factor in Adwords?

Here’s the thing - Quality score is an “indicator” of what Google thinks of your keyword choice in the context of your ad copy, landing page, and content relevance.

Fundamentally, if you have a poor quality score, Google is saying listen, you might want to change this because it’s likely this combination will not provide a good user experience which WILL impact the other factors that DO have an impact on your ad rank.

Quality score is also a very good teaching tool, as it forces you to get tighter on what you allow in each ad group in terms of keywords. Lazy advertisers always try to put way too many keywords to each ad, and in doing so, end up with keywords that quite frankly will not ever provide exceptional results.

Do you want a great quality score? Do these things

#1: Make sure your ads are relevant to your keyword choices. If it’s a “waterfront keyword” you’re bidding on, it better be a waterfront ad you’re displaying.

#2: Think about CTR (click-through rate) - if the keyword is relevant to your ad, this is a great start (using dynamic keyword insertion can help tremendously here as well) but try different combinations in your ads (and have several ads, don’t be lazy). What else might really make someone want to click on your ad? Get creative.

#3 Take a look a the page (landing page) you’re sending your traffic to. Check things like Google page speed. Is it red? Make it Yellow! Is it Yellow? Make it green! Obsess about Google page speed… the faster the better. Check your ADA compliance. This is important for fair housing and especially relevant to real estate. ADA and page speed don’t need to be perfect (it’s pretty hard to do that when you’re using MLS data and pictures you don’t 100% control) but if you can show Google you are serious. For testing you can use Google Page Speed (link) and the WAV ADA compliance checker. NOTE - a “Widget” on your site is not ADA compliant, don’t let them fool you.

What’s the ultimate goal here? 10/10 of course!

But it doesn’t directly affect ad rank, why go through the effort? Directly no it doesn’t… BUT all of these small optimizations are accretive. If you focus on the small things and improve them all, the compounding effect on your overall performance is astounding.

If you need a little inspiration, check out the KW’s below from today :slight_smile:

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