Real Estate Sales Strategies: 100 Day 4th Quarter Challenge

Let’s finish 2019 STRONG! What are your top strategies for making 2019 your strongest finish ever? Are you up for the 100 Day Challenge??


Well this is a challenge thread right?

I’m going to challenge myself (and consequently our sales & marketing team) to a 125% growth Q3 vs Q4

But what should be the stakes… hmmmm going to think on that one, back soon!


@Matt you ready?


So here are my goals:

Time protection: Time block every day, and plan out the week! Life will get crazy with the holidays, but time blocking and planning better with the results I want to achieve will be huge.

Travel time is going to be busy. Figure out ways to optimize the time with my people in ways that matter- even while traveling.

Have, meet, or touch 200+ people by the end of the year and help them with their businesses.


Love these! Great goals Laura. How are you going to track your results? Are we meant to update this thread? Start our own threads for accountability?

Time blocking is HUGE! And I tell you what, that travel time (airports, ubers, planes) you can get a MASSIVE amount of connections happening. This is great!

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Yes, I’ll throw in my daily results!!! and any other challenges, I have along the way. Just some good accountability and positive reinforcement helps so much!

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AND, PS, Talked to the Ryan Serhant today about Real Estate Webmasters!

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@Morgan I’m ready… Let’s figure out the stakes.

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mmmmmm Steaks! That sounds like a great place to start :wink: Maybe a Sous Vide steak dinner at #careyfarm? Finish it off on the BBQ for char of course. Bring the whole team, I’m cooking!

Ok, todays’ Goals and yesterday’s results!

I followed up with a ton of people, and have 2 appts booked so far over the next week.
I added in several NEW companies I’m interested in collabing with to expand my network

Today, more of the same, and more follow ups. I learned I do better hour, break, hour, break, etc:)

  1. Push my agents to get a few more deals closed
  2. Set up business planning for my agents
  3. Get my last quarter reading list ready - I read 80% of the years books in 4th quarter.
  4. Try to recruit another 5 agents before the end of the year.

Business planning, its truly a skill. Great one to lead with, and build a vision for their business- that they own. Keep us posted on how that goes. I bought new clean journals/notebooks just for this quarter to keep all the old stuff from the summer out.

Also- the book list! I love that… I have 10 books I need to read right now.

  1. Keep on my agents about using their new REW site to lead generate
  2. Get my information together for business planning for the agents
  3. Time block so that a bulk of the social media posts are generated and scheduled. Do this every two weeks.
  4. Work on how to attract plugged in, producing agents
  5. Stop killing myself with the Diet Cokes and Sugar
  6. Start being present in the evening with my husband. Not working on the laptop every single night.
    The last two are more personal goals but hey… gotta I can’t finish strong if I’m not taking care of ME!

Kristina- Love these goals!

If your agents need some motivation on their sites, send them here, I think we can make a corner of the forum just for them.

As for diet coke and sugar… and laptop- that’s me too! Start with 3 days week to cut back on all. That helped me.

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haha I love it! “stop killing myself with diet coke and sugar”!

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Here are my goals for 2019:

Spend at least 30 minutes a day learning
Business planning for 2020
Work on my CRM a minimum 30 minutes a day
Work on becoming more comfortable doing videos on social media
Finish the Buffini training
Work out 3 times a week


No lie. I am OUT.OF.CONTROL! My stress turns to DC and Sugar. Like the DC is canceling out the sugar :woman_facepalming:t3: For someone with half a brain I act like I have none when it comes to handling my stress. I won’t tell you about the pumpkin cream cheese cookies I am shoving in my face right now :speak_no_evil:


HAHAHA I love it! I will absolutely reach for candy when I’m stressed. This summer I was walking around my yard barefoot (trying to ground) while shoving candy in my mouth! It happens. :joy:

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I appreciate the accountability here!

My Wrap Up 2019 Personal Promises are:

  1. Exercising 3-4 times per week - This commitment continues to fall off my routine. :neutral_face:
  2. Staying laser focused on assisting my Team with achieving their WEEKLY MICRO personal promises. Which will lead our Team to the strong wrap up of 2019, the Team has set forth to accomplish.
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LOL! I love it. I had oreo cookies and cream ice cream for dinner!