Redesigning need navigation feedback

I have been working with Phil and Amy on redesigning REW for the new year. We’re not redoing the brand, or changing fonts or colours, but just a refresh and content re-organization to better reflect our products, services and company.

I’m hoping you would not mind putting yourself in the shoes of a new customer. What are the most important areas you want to know about? For the main nav specifically (ignore the dropdown, it’s just a design example) what would you want to see there that might compel you to want to learn more about REW? Or any vendor for that matter - when you’re shopping for your real estate tech, what do you want to know about the company, the products or its services?

Your feedback on the main nav items is greatly appreciated!

@dmay, you are THE man when it comes to these convo’s, I’d love to hear your thoughts on top nav :slight_smile:

Always appreciate your confidence in my opinion.

Here’s how I’d structure it (not necessarily what I’d call each item but for ease of what each means…)

  1. Products (Website templates, custom websites, semi-custom websites, CRM)
  2. Services (SaaS, PPC, SEO, social media (maybe that’s a product?) branding, graphic design)
  3. Clients (Portfolios, relationships matter videos, testimonials)
  4. About (Our company, PR, charity)
  5. Community (forums and blogs)

I’d stick the “API” and “Software Development” bits in the footer, and isn’t “Content Writing” implied with SEO or no?

Leads are your DNA and what the people want so the “Leads” language I’d hit visitors over the heads with via your headline. “Get more, and convert more leads” type headline. That’s your bread and butter, and why most of (if not all of us) are here - to get more (leads) and make more (commission)!

I’d mention Renaissance under that lead bit on your homepage as your featured product in the products section and at the top of the “Products” page itself.

When a new customer lands on your site, they want to see “what” it is and “how much” it’ll cost them… then “what” you can do for them and “how much” it will cost… then “who” else is paying that price and “how” successful it’s making them.

Harp a lot on that SaaS page, as it’s not “hosting” - it’s much more than that.

Hope that helps! HMU if you want to discuss more :slight_smile:

Awesome feedback @dmay

On your renaissance comment. this is actually the Renaissance page (proposed) and we haven’t worked on language yet but point taken on language, make sure whatever page it is, be specific and intentful top of the page with what message I want them to get.

On your nav suggestions: I went that way at first too (with headings that weren’t “keywords”) but I kept coming back to (and again this is supported by what you said before about making sure people know what you focus on) while “Leads” is in fact a big reason people come to us (about 20% of our customers use our lead generation services) there are really 3 (ok 4) main things people come to us for “Websites” “Leads” “CRM” “Custom Services” which is why I organized them that way (I also wanted the headlines to tell people (without even having to click or view a drop down) exactly why they are here (if they are in the right place at all, if not I want them to know to that too).

I seriously considered getting rid of “About” because it doesn’t really fit, what your thoughts on that? My battle was: I personally like to know that info about companies, so even though I don’t like the look of it (two words instead of one, not a keyword etc) I put it in there for discussion.

On API, point taken, it’s not a thing we push hard, I think it was my need for balance (the first two had 3 lol) I’ll definitely move that.

I love your suggestion for "Who else is paying, and how successful it is making them. Those are meant to be covered in portfolio and case studies (and press I imagine since a lot of our press is connected to our clients) but perhaps that is my solution to the “About REW” maybe I talk about clients and their success with the product instead?

Maybe like a:

REW Clients

  • Case Studies
  • Portfolio
  • Reviews
  • Ambassadors
  • Relationships Matter

Something like this below the hero on select pages?

Noted on Renaissance - makes sense.

I see you on the “Leads” part. Your explanation makes sense. I would still double down with your homepage H1 being something about leads and conversion. It combines both of our strategies there.

“About” is seen as self-serving these days, but the content in the case of yours is more important than say mine as a team within a brokerage or a lead portal like so maybe the content stays the same and you rename “about” to just be “Press”.

Websites & Leads or Lead Generating Websites (this is my favorite, even though it’s three words IT’S WHAT YOU DO!!)
(Contact CTA’s)

Love the client nav stack you proposed. The landing page looks clean, maybe add the agent’s name and a logo of who they are associated with. People don’t know faces necessarily but they know brands or names they aspire to be.

Thanks again for tapping me on this.

Yeah we just nabbed that real quick for demo, but I would probably put name, company and 2020 production (if available) Agents LOVE to see numbers

Example Kris Lindahl, MN, 2020 sales $1Bn

Yup, nailed it.

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