REW's 19th Birthday Promo! Epic savings and a possible $190,000 prize on the line!

Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news! It’s our 19th Birthday on April 9th!

Crazy right?

As we do every year, we’re running a huge promo and since we’re really looking to drive engagement here on the community, I thought I’d leak it here first.

And yes, you read that title right - we’re looking to give away a prize of $190,000!

Here’s the deets:

Promo options:

New customers - no setup fees on any term (12+ months)

All customers - if you sign for 36 months (or add 36 months to your current contract) here are the deals.

3 months of free texting: The latest CRM has powerful texting capabilities including automation for both sending and pausing the reply from texts. Explore these new features for free with your upgrade. Value $150 USD (3 x 1,000 monthly text credits)

Free Concierge time: 10 hours of concierge time to assist with the migration including reformatting and also using human-assisted AI to create new pages (at customers’ request).
Value $1,000 USD

25% of renewal value (SAAS only) credited as custom agency work. (renewing customers only)

For example - if you renewed and added a 36-month contract at $500 per month you would get $4,500 of free custom work. You can use this for custom design, and programming or even have the SEO team improve your on-page SEO as you migrate.

REW Community Bonus: Reach trust level 2 (Member) by the end of May and get an extra 10% on your renewal bonus.

$1,000 REWPert Credit - have our team leverage Real Estate Webmasters’ new AI / ChatGPT robot “REWpert” to create new page content/blog posts for you. Credit used against ChatGPT posted API pricing at the highest price tier.

Free PPC management: Never used REW pay-per-click before? On a 36-month renewal, we’ll waive the PPC management fees for the first 3 months.

Example calculation: Normally $1,000 is $750 budget and $250 management fee. During the promo for first 3 live months, you get $1,000 towards (100% of budget) going towards your lead generation).

Need a bigger project? Pre-buy your retainer for the rest of the year (design and programming) and save $50 per hour of custom labor/retainer time (20+ hours purchased)

And the prizes?

$1,900 no matter what (goes into the draw) double if 100 new intros in the community ($3,800)
$19,000 if 100 people order (goes into the draw) double if 100 new intros in the community ($38,000)
$190,000 if 1,000 people order (goes into the draw)

What’s included in the prizes: $190k?

Here’s the list!

$1,900-$3,800 (use for any REW services *does not include Adwords spend)

$19,000-$38,000 (use for any REW services *does not include Adwords spend)

$190k includes: SAAS up to 100 users ($90k) Texting / Dialer $18k / REWPert AI (Open AI / ChatGPT) $18k / + Retainer, or SEO ($64,000)

Epic right?

More details coming soon! Promo starts on our Birthday, April 9th :slight_smile:

Post your questions below :point_down:t2:


How does doubling the prize work on the $1,900 or $19,000? (To $3,800 or $38,000)

It’s pretty simple! We’re really working hard towards driving engagement here at the Real Estate Forums and so we’re encouraging folks to log in and introduce themselves (to become familiar with the forums).

We had a really fun contest a few weeks back and had over 50 new folks introduce themselves.

So that is all that is required: If you haven’t introduced yourself yet, just go over to that thread.

Starting today and until the end of April, if we get “at least” 100 new people to introduce themselves to the forums, then we’ll double the prices for #1 and #2:

That’s it! Just tell us who you are, where you are, what you do all the things.

Introduce yourself 2023 - get to know the REW Community members! here is thread :slight_smile:

Of course our hope is that you get addicted and start using the forums to engage with our great community members. It is really fun and a great way to network and share ideas.

Like this crazy idea, I had for @Pozek Custom avatars in your real estate CRM - dumb idea or bloody brilliant?

We actually did it! Check it out :slight_smile:

Fun right?

We’re here with a common goal. To learn from each other and make our online presence better (so we can spend less time and make more money and look fabulous doing it) Am I right?

This is where you learn how to do that.

So if you want to help us get to the 100+ intros, please feel free to share this thread on your socials (or blast it to all your agents and staff, they are welcome here too!)

Let them know what you love about this community and REW, and encourage them to join so they can benefit too.

The more the merrier. :nerd_face:


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