REW's new AI Robot... REWPert he's cute AND powerful! Adding chatGTP services to Real Estate Webmasters Inc

Hello all,

I wanted to take a minute to introduce a new friend to the group. His name is REWPert.

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Cute right? (a @Phil original)

But REWpert is actually quite powerful too!

Who is REWpert? He’s Real Estate Webmasters’ new AI ROBOT powered by Open AI / ChatGPT.

Why REWpert? Artificial intelligence is taking over marketing in 2023. Using AI-based tools such as ChatGPT / open AI is the future of marketing.

In order to take this concept to the next level, it’s not enough to use the free ChatGPT service, companies like REW need to custom-build applications so that we can leverage this technology, but also fine-tune it specific to real estate and build special applications and services on top of this powerful platform…

Human-assisted AI: You’ve all seen the threads by now. AI by itself is NOT ready for prime time.

Example: AI is NOT ready to write your property descriptions (unless you want to get sued)

The idea is there are inherent challenges with AI in terms of how it is applied within the context of real estate marketing, and it can create serious issues related to content accuracy and compliance.

But it CAN be made better! (That is where REWPert / Real Estate Webmasters come in).

The way we are approaching/deploying AI starts with services referred to as “Human assisted AI

We are deploying this in 2 places: Our onboarding / CSM group, and our SEO teams.

In onboarding, you can now ask our teams to “create area pages” for you, and we will go ahead and leverage REWPert to generate the content, but then have a human do the actual implementation (titles, meta description, filenames, etc). And they’ll do a quick check to review the content for any glaring inconsistencies.

This content is NOT designed to rank well, and it’s still advised that customers review it for accuracy (especially around numbers/dates as OpenAI is trained on 2021 and before data).

But the benefit is, we handle 90% of the work for you leveraging chat GPT, and so you can do 10X more with the same amount of time AND you don’t have to do all the research, writing and implementing (The part most customers loathe)

Taking REWPert AI to the next level! SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

That same 90% time savings? We benefit from that as well! So for customers who want to go faster, do more with their SEO budget (up to 10X more), you can have your SEO team leverage chatGPT, AI as well. In this case though - instead of a basic review and upload (like our CSM teams do) - our SEO team will be doing a full and thorough audit/edit/optimization of the pages as they are implemented.

All with the goal of creating the most helpful, well-written and well-optimized content “for your users” possible. It’s about using AI to enable (research, create first draft, outline etc)

Where it gest REALLY cool! (And what make’s REW / REWPert different)

We have a full team dedicated to making AI in real estate better. You’ve probably noticed @AidanC on the forums, he works full-time as a writer/editor/marketer here at REW and is dedicated to this project.

Aidan is an experienced writer / SEO, and he and I along with the R & D and SEM teams will be creating, testing, recreating, and retesting (iterations and model training) all of the various use cases so that our real estate-specific content is better, more accurate and more SEO friendly than anything else in the market.

We’ll be testing various settings, prompts, combinations, automation, and evaluation tools and exploring combining OpenAI / ChatGPT data with other applications such as Google Lighthouse

(imagine being able to automatically have Google tell you on a per-page basis “in natural language” what is wrong with your site and how to fix it)

On the product side, we are already exploring having REWPert implemented into the REW CRM to make writing blast emails, auto responders, and personalized emails 10X faster (and better as well).

It’s an exciting time. (We’re VERY excited!)

Get access to REWpert for your own testing: (join the waitlist)

Ok, now let’s talk about having some fun! We’re currently testing REWPert internally, but very soon we will have a private (invite-only) beta. It’s open to ALL Realtors® so you will be able to use REWpert / test him too!

And unlike ChatGPT, since REW is a Pro-Open AI member you won’t get that annoying “we’re currently at capacity, come back later”.

But what you’ll ALSO get is access to the training, prompts, techniques, and additional automation/tools that REW develops. Things you don’t get with ChatGPT or any other AI tool.

We’ll be gathering feedback from our members here on the forum, so in order to sign up you “must” have a forum account (That’s step 1)

Step 2, you need to post in this thread and raise your hand to be added to the waitlist.

We’re opening up 50 spots in the next 30 days. Who wants to gain early access?

Post below with “I’m in” if you want to be added to the list. :point_down:t2:

And feel free to ask any questions in the meantime :slight_smile:


Couldn’t have said it better myself :slight_smile:

dude gives good advice :slight_smile:


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Excited to be a part of this project!

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im in

Post below with “I’m in” if you want to be added to the list. :point_down:t2:

And feel free to ask any questions in the meantime

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Sounds cool. Count me in!

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I’m also in.
I have used ChatGPT to write content and agree it can get liberal with adding in features I didn’t ask for (and the property doesn’t have) yet it’s a great way to get a head start vs starting with a blank page…

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It’s all about the prompts! (And the settings) though not matter what “human assisted” is still a critical piece.

One of the cool things about REWpert is that it allows you to play with the various settings from ChatGPT in order to fine-tune results. (these are some of the tests and feedback I’m most looking forward to).

Figuring out what (and when) to use each setting. What the various knobs and dials do. etc

This is going to be fun! (We’ve got you on the list for early access) we’ll let you know when the doors are open :slight_smile:

You’re on the list! :slight_smile:

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hopefully it will be worlds better than bing’s lunatic botchat :rofl:

Learning more about all the things that are available with REW and the great info that is provided. We are a small team here in Texas and have been using an A.I. product called Structurely for quite sometime now. It basically answers leads within 5 minutes that come into our backend. The things I don’t like is that it doesn’t address what people are looking at on the site. It also would be nice if an A.I. would educate people on how to use the site for their benefit. This is just a short analysis but I want to read more as REW continues to work on great technology to assist Realtors.


Very exciting. I’m in!

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I’m in! The Cascade Team can’t wait to see this!


I’m in, 100%

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Im In. all for making it better

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I’m in! Exciting stuff

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Sounds great. Please add me to the waitlist! Thank you.

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Looking forward to us beta testing it!

I’m looking forward to the opportunities that will come from data analysis after feeding it a lot of REW specific data (content, customer usage patterns across all REW sites, etc). I can imagine being able to really fine tune and optimize to provide customers what they want most on the website. Also turning AI loose on broker and agent usage trends of the backend might show us ways to motivate agents to use CRM and all the other backend tools.

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