Texting leads through the site

I was wondering what you guys think about having the ability to text and call from the site (a leads summary page to be exact) and have it linked to the agents phone. I have used a Sierra site in the past and they do have this feature. It’s pretty slick and makes calling leads easier.

They also have the option to pre record a voicemail and just send it to the leads inbox after a few rings. And finally, being able to text a lead a specific listing would be fantastic. When I used these tools on their site I found that the response rate was higher and showing requests increased a bit when texting a property rather than emailing it to the lead.

there’s many options to do this using a 3rd party CRM with something like Zapier for automation. I’d rather do this versus risking the possibility of bloating a website causing speed issues that then turn into a poor user experience. Just my .02. I’m in the process right now choosing between two CRM softwares. One integrates with my phone and phone number so it tracks every inbound call number as a lead and automatically includes it in the CRM so I can then do whatever I want with it.

We have both (Texting and dialer) in the REW CRM, we don’t do VM drops though.

You can text or dial from several places (main leads page, details page etc)

Is texting linked to an agents phone number so when they get a reply it goes to their phone?

Can you now text listings as well?

Fair enough. There were zero speed issues with the platform I mentioned though.

I believe it.

Texting is system based (a CRM phone number) it doesn’t go from the agents cell phone number.

I don’t think you can auto text listings, but you certainly should be able to post listing details (I think) vai text.

texting via the CRM doesn’t create any kind of code bloat, they are not related.

Is that something that you guys would consider doing? It’s somewhat inconvenient to send a text and then have to log back in to reply compared to just having your phone connected and getting any replies sent directly to your cell.

Texting listings would be ideal as well. I’m sure other users wouldn’t mind having that feature.

Texting listings via CRM, is absolutely a consideration for sure.

As for using their own number - I don’t know enough about the complexities and laws around that (and if it’s technically possible to use our service provider Twillio) we’d also need to poll our customers since many of them like to “own the number” when they are brokers / team leaders so they can re-assign leads, and those texts can travel with them and that number to new agents so not everyone wants agents to have it tied to their own phone.

Kevin q: Are you an agent, team leader or broker?

I’m a team leader. Have my broker licence and do my own thing with personal business but don’t take anything from the team site.

We met at Polaris office when you were in town a couple weeks ago.

Oh hey! Didn’t realize that was you :slight_smile: (Good times at the party, thank you for the invite)

Reason I was asking was for context of how you were thinking of leads (agents often think of CRM features differently than team leaders / brokers)

But yes, absolutely considering texting a listing is something we’ll consider (especially if it’s you guys asking :wink:

Sounds great! Cheers :beers:

yes, i know