The REW Dialer comes out in Beta next week!

This is a really exciting update… the beta version of REW Dialer is going out in next week’s updates!

At this point, we don’t even have pricing yet, but we’re going to be looking for volunteers to turn it on (at no charge) all we ask is that

A: You’re going to actually use it
B: You’ll provide us with feedback

How do you qualify? Well, we’re doing a push next week (the code behind it) but there is a manual process.

So in order to qualify for beta, you have to have a Renaissance website that already has the pack (you might not automatically get it if you’re custom, you can just ask your AM to look into that)

Then we’ll be picking the first 25 folks for the first round (we can do around 25 every week or two since there is a manual setup process to get your numbers etc)

What to expect?

From the Dialer, each agent gets their own number (if you assign them one, by default the system comes with 5 numbers < so 5 agents can be testing)

You can dial out from the REW CRM (and only the REW CRM) and you can receive calls “too” the REW CRM (and only the CRM.

The dialer automatically logs all calls (including outcome)

It automatically records the amount of talk time per call.

Agents have the ability to log calls right in a dial session (or afterward)

Agents can record the calls (must ask for contacts’ permission, be sure to know your local state. country laws but no matter what always get permission)

Has a dial keypad

You can search in the agent report by calls made and several other data points.

Known feature requests that are NOT part of beta:

Call forwarding to your own number (we don’t support that) < yet. Looking into it

Ringless Voicemail drops (to our knowledge these are not legal, we do not support this) - we will not be doing this, even if competitors are (unless legal signs off, but I don’t think they will)

Message inbox/voicemail (we do not have this “yet”)

The lineup starts right here! Post your request below in the comments if you want to be considered - the patch comes out next week, so we’ll be able to tell you if you qualify or not (remember Renaissance only, not super customized for now)

Let’s do this!


Great I hope we can Beta this!! Joe G

@Jgrunnet do you normally get upgrades automatically? Or do you have to book time due to customization when you upgrade to the latest backend?

Those that get it automatically can request we enable it, those that need to work around customizations need to speak to their AM.

Are these local numbers assigned (Alaska is hard to get local numbers for many VOIP products)?

What about integration into alternatives, like Vonage? (We have them because they do offer Alaska local numbers and have a pool of numbers already reserved for future use.)

Count me in

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We have whatever Twillio has available to us (does not have other integrations that I’m aware of) - you can tell your AM what your preferred area codes are, and the team can do their best, but no area codes are guaranteed.

Great Paul! Once @Morgan gives the ok, I’m happy to start setting you up with the Dialer.

Would love to get in on this program please!

Thank you. Looking forward to it, I am using Vulcan7 presently

Hi Teresa, welcome to the forums! Glad to hear you’re keen on testing the Dialer. Once @Morgan gives the ok I’ll start setting you up with the Dialer.

We’d love to get in on this as well! Our website is

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Hi Sherida, welcome! Excited to get you testing the Dialer. Once @Morgan gives the ok I’ll start setting you up with the Dialer.

Tried it this morning, works great. A couple of questions tho… When an incoming call comes in and I am unable to answer it. Is there VM or call forward capabilities?

What’s your email address @Sherida? Then I’ll be able to set you up with the Dialer.

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May I demo this please

Welcome to our REW forums Matt! It was a pleasure to speak with you. We will be posting any updates on full release of dialer on the forums

Dailer works great on out going calls!

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Great to hear @PaulSpaulding!

I was having problems with the dialer today, it would not open up.