Undeniable benefits of posting to the forums for both customers and REW

You may have noticed lately a push from our marketing teams, account managers, and myself in trying to get customers to post their educational / product questions here at the forums.

There are some really good (extremely beneficial) reasons we’re doing this.

I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you as our valued customers will start posting here more often.

#1: Balancing time and effort of responses: The one-to-many benefit.

We all only have so much time in a day. If a customer reaches out via text, email, or chat it’s a 1-1 reach out and so while we want to give the answer to the question (and always will), we do have to be brief and succinct in order to make sure we can get to all of the incoming questions.

If that same question is posted to the forums however, not only are we able to serve you with the answer, but since thousands of others can also read it, we are able to give that same answer to everyone.

Because of this one-to-many benefit, we can justify/afford to increase the amount of time and effort that goes into our responses which means you’ll get a far more robust and detailed response.

We get to educate many people instead of just 1, you get a deeper response.

#2: Collaboration - conversations start conversations that lead to breakthroughs.

Often times you’re asking a question about a specific piece of software, or how to do something in PPC, SEO etc with a specific goal in mind. Usually to increase your business volume, make your agents happier or be more efficient with your time.

When you post in the forums and others are able to see it, it triggers ideas! Other members will riff off of your original question and many times what starts as a basic question can lead to some really amazing breakthroughs.

It’s also a great place to share/compare notes since most of you are on a shared Renaissance platform and REW CRM.

#3: Access to specialists. Some of the world’s best.

We have some amazing leaders, and specialists here at Real Estate Webmasters. People like @hatzopoulos for WPO, @AmyPye for branding, @Aayaam in Engineering, @AidanC for AI, @Kyle for REW CRM, myself for SEO the list goes on and on.

But for the most part, our top experts aren’t 1-1 customer facing. My head of corporate marketing for instance can’t spend 1-1 time coaching customers on how to build a brand or run effective social media campaigns nor can my head of product help you think about the best way to plan / execute costom software development. And while I’d love to personally help everyone out with their SEO quesations / campaigns, that’s just not feasible.

However on the forums it’s different! Here we can do it!

Because of the many benefits we get as REW from the forums, we can actually justify having these top specialists participate in the boards.

Here are some of the benefits WE (as Real Estate Webmasters) get from having our top experts partiicpate in the forums.

#A: One to many! We talked about it before. While it’s not feasiable for our CEO to help one person at at time, if I can reach hundreds (or thousands) of customers, then that investment is definitely worth it.

#B: Improving our product / service (collaboration): These collaborative discussions are not just one way. Those great ideas that happen in forum conversations? We benefit from them too! In fact, it’s one of the best ways for us to source feedback and make improvements to our product.

#C: It helps our SEO. What are we doing when we post on the forums? Creating content! And when we create content we help our SEO. BUT what all SEO’s know is “content” is not enough, it must be the BEST content! And so not only do we make our customers happier by giving more robust answers, we also get more traffic to our site vai SEO so it’s extra incentive for us to put effort into it.

Check out this example:

Some folks talked about EXP Realty on the forums. And “generally” those talking about EXP (positive of negative) are Realtors® (our exact audience) so it helps us build our brand and traffic.

And finally - it helps us showcase to the world, the depth and breadth of our knowledge and gain recognition for our epicly smart and talented people here at Real Estate Webmasters.

So needless to say - we have some pretty big incentives to have you come here and post on the forums, and in return, we want to make it worth your while by going above and beyond in our responses in order to help you make the most of your product and educate you on all things real estate website, lead gen and CRM :slight_smile:

So while I do understand it’s “yet another” medium to post on (you already have Facebook, Linkedin etc)


You will not find the level of experience, talent, depth of knowledge or specific effort to your education anywhere else on the web (or on the planet).

And so I do hope you’ll take the time to create your forum account, introduce yourself and begin participating here.

Together, we can help ALL our businesses grow!

I should also point out there, there are some things that are not appropriate to post here at the forums:

#1: Specific support issues for your site. You need to email support for that. It creates a ticket in Zendesk, and we handle support tickets in priority order and they are “owned” by invidual reps (so support tickets are 1-1)

#2: Complaints. We want to keep these boards positive (and they are public). We care deeply about our relationship, and we have channels if you are ever unhappy with any part of the product or service. That path should look like this: Unhappy about something (or don’t understand something) go to your account manager. If they are unable to help resolve your issue, as to speak to their manager (who is @MariaG) > and if that doesn’t work for whatever reason? You can reach out to me directly! I’m easy to find (hit me up email, linkedIn Chat or Facebook). But do please don’t try to jump the queue and come straight to the CEO. We do ask you to follow the process :slight_smile:

Here’s my LikedIN and Facebook :slight_smile:

Point being, we do care, we want to help and we have a process. But we do not believe in airing dirty laundry in public as it often does far more harm to the relationship than it does gain any positive attention to an issue or lead to a resolution (And to be honest, people who blast their vendors < Or Realtors® online to get attention instead of trying to work through them privately and professionally just suck). :slight_smile:

#3: Old platforms. If you’re not on Renaissance and REW CRM, we can’t help here. Those are deprecated platforms and we can’t justify spending time trying to support educate around those topics. Also it can be confusing to new / current customers when they see us discussing something that is not in their platform or is significantly different that what they see on their screen. We all have to be reading from the same sheet.

So if you’re not on Renaissance, let’s get you on there!

Not wanting to end on a negative ^^^^

Let’s have some fun and see if we can’t build some community!

A fun little contest!

Head over to the introduce yourself 2023 thread: It’s right here:

Anyone customer who writes an introduction on the thread will be entered into a draw for $500 worth of professional services.

If at least 50 customers introduce themselves then that will bump up to $1,000

If at least 100 customers introduce themselves, that will bump up to $2,500

And if more than 100 customers introduce themselves I’ll boost it to $5,000!

Who doesn’t love contests right?

I’m sure @AmyPye and the marketing team will come up with some other fun ways to recognize folks (best intro, longest intro, funnest photo)

What we need to know (at a minimum)

Your name, your market and your website.

But if you want to throw in extras like pics of your dog, details about your business, family, hobbies whatever you like!

Existing members who have already done an intro - update it for 2023! We want you in the contest!

Team leaders and brokers who have other staff that work with REW? Get them on there too! We want to hear from them (and they should be members here)

Fun right?

Contest ends Next Sunday, March 26th

Looking forward to getting to know you more here on the boards :slight_smile:

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