Video content - a game-changer for your real estate SEO strategy?

I’d like to spark a discussion about a topic that’s gained a lot of momentum in the SEO and digital marketing world - video content. I’ve seen many real estate professionals incorporating it into their strategy, and if you’re not, you might be missing out on some substantial opportunities.

Why use video content? Simply, it has the ability to engage audiences in a deeper way, using visual, auditory, and emotional connection that text cannot.

By last year, online video made up over 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

I’m sure that number has risen, albeit slightly, since then.

Video content does more than just engage your audience, I’ve also seen it be pivotal in SEO strategies. Google’s algorithm places a huge value on video content, and in the context of real estate it’s a great way to bolster any existing blog content you might have.

For example, if you already have a blog post on amenities, attractions, or entertainment in XYZ city, why not create a video about the best restaurants, or something else you know a lot about?

When creating video content, quick wins often include:

  • Time stamping your videos appropriately
  • Optimizing your title, tags, and description
  • Add a proper transcript - YouTube’s automatic transcripts are usually good, but not perfect.

For those who have committed to using video content in their real estate SEO or digital marketing strategies, I’m curious:

  1. What types of videos have you made? What kinds of videos get a response from your audience?
  2. Do you think video content has made a positive impact for your SEO performance?
  3. Any tips or recommendations for creating video content, particularly those who are short on time or on a budget?

I’m looking forward to your thoughts, experiences, and perspectives.



Definitely a “new world” for so many.

People like @Pozek do a great job. And @mattleicht has been messing with video too.

I’d love to see more from REW community to be honest as they are so creative in so many other ways.

But it’s always tough to get started.

I try to remind myself “my crappy video is better than my competitors no video” < and the only way it will get better is if I practice!


Absolutely, Morgan - the first of anything you make typically isn’t going to be fantastic, but you have to start somewhere.

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@WesMartin and @Morgan Is there any SEO benefit to iframing Youtube videos on your landing pages? I understand keeping visitors on-page longer is a benefit, but other than potentially raising time on site, is there any other direct SEO benefits?

I can see major benefits to building a mega youtube channel like @Pozek has done, and then using that to drive inquiries directly from youtube and simultaneously driving traffic back to your REW site. This seems more like a “youtube first” approach vs. just adding helpful videos on REW landing pages.

Am I missing something? Any other REW site owners see an increase in visitors after adding videos to site?

Yes I would say so. But it’s not about the “platform” (Youtube or otherwise). There are strong indicators that “time on site” (or dwell time) as a quality factor is also a ranking factor for Google.

Therefore, by having a video on a page, and having users play it (and watch it) should theoretically increase the time they spend on any page with video, and thus help it rank. It’s a small factor, but every bit counts :slight_smile: