What to do with promo hours? (WWMD?) < What would Morgan Do?

Hello all, with the release of the promo with new demand-based pricing, a lot of folks are asking me what I would do with the hours.

The answer (short answer) is quite simple - copy what Morgan’s doing at Carlycarey.com (the new one that we’re going to launch this week).

This is our new design for 2024. It’s still Renaissance, but I’ve been working with the team to make several improvements to it.

So ideally, if you’re out of the box, or even if you’ve done a few custom mods, you’d tell them "copy that site, make it my colors and that’s where we’ll start.

Depending on how effective you are at communicating, the assets you share etc, (and not including the new building software I haven’t finished yet) the look, feel and CTA’s you can probably copy in 50 hours or so. (Translates to $5-6k depending on which rate you qualify for).

Honestly from a “design” perspective that’s all you need. You’ll have a new, hot look and you’ll benefit from hundreds of collective hours or meetings, mockups, coding, implementation, QA, testing etc (you just get to copy it).

Now let’s get into some more technical specifics: What I’m going to do “after” we launch.

WPO (Web performance optimization): Our teams follow best practices in design to make sure images are optimized and the code is well written. So everything will always be fast. But there is another level (the specialist level) - this is an area where you’re fine-tuning the combination of your elements and working to squeak out every iota of performance on the site “post-live” where you can truly test it.

I’ll likely spend 40-50 hours of design/dev team time on this. But starting with 5-10 would be a great investment too. WPO helps for both consumer experience and SEO. (Note you don’t have to use Carly’s site to do WPO, you can have it done on any site).

Also, a reminder WPO is a moving target - you typically want to evaluate every 3-6 months as Google et al are constantly re-evaluating criteria. Best practices keep you fast, but if you want to be top of the class, you normally have to invest every few months to keep up with the changes. It’s not a “fixed thing”.

SEO: I’m also doing an in-depth SEO review. This started with reviewing the areas of coverage with the team (what we TRULY want to be selling and where) and comparing it to the content we have on the site. It also involves evaluating past ideas and measuring if they were effective, or need to be de-prioritized or removed.

How did we review areas? We reviewed the MLS (Matrix) and made a list of all cities and sub-areas (screenshot below). Not surprisingly most if not all of the cities were done already, BUT several areas on our site aren’t in our desired or target areas (I’ll speak to that in a minute).

On sub-areas, these should be much less competitive as most people don’t think to create content that deep. Again we had some sub-areas, but we’re going to map out all of them. This will not only help our SEO, but it will also provide a logical and familiar way to drill down by region. (IE it will match the MLS).

Now onto evaluating the existing SEO / content ideas:

Originally our goal was to rank for everything “Waterfront” on Vancouver Island. This is a huge area but also when folks search “vancouver island waterfront” they know they want to be on the island, but they don’t know where. As such we thought let’s cover everywhere that we’d be willing to go that has waterfront: This included many of the “sub islands”

A good idea in theory, but in practice, in 4 years? We have never set foot on 90% of these islands, and we sent 1 referral (granted we made like $10k on it) to an agent that specialized on one of the smaller islands.

I’m not going to get rid of the content (it’s great content) but I am going to de-prioritize it by taking it out of the main nav and move it under the waterfront category (burying it one level deeper).

Will it hurt the SEO for these areas? A little bit, yes. But A: They are not that competitive and B: They get almost no traffic. So I’d rather send the SEO juice to more competitive areas that we also focus daily attention to.

The other thing we’re working on is creating high-quality “type” and “modifier” pages - we’re testing this in just one city for now (Nanaimo).

What do I mean by this? Take “Nanaimo Duplexes” as an example. It’s a decently popular property type here in Nanaimo. For both investors and those looking for affordable living that isn’t a condo.

Would you do this for all property types? Probably not (they are not all as popular) but there is a great way to test what gets traffic. Blog about it!

Example before I commit resources to a proper campaign around “Nanaimo Triplex” (which likely gets next to no traffic) I could write up a quick blog titled “Nanaimo Triplex’s vs duplix and quadruplex” what are the differences?

The blog if written well I could post on social media, build Carly’s credibility. Inside the post I could hyperlink my duplex page (contextually relevant link supporting the pillar) and since it’s likely not competitive I will get all sorts of insights from Google Search Console on how much actual traffic is being searched.

Pro-tip: You only need to be top 100 which is EASY in order to get console data and traffic numbers on specific keywords. 1 Blog post if properly seeded can give you insights on hundreds of keyword combinations.

Now that I’ve got a new site and a new content plan: It’s time to get technical. Linking all this together.

I spoke already about creating a tool (@Rebecca @Aayaam @aporter) and that tool is for advanced real estate SEO’s and it’s purpose is dynamic linking. You can read about the linking tool here.

You can bet I’ll be implementing this ASAP once we’re live.

And then finally - the last thing we want to do in terms of sculpting / evaluating our SEO and leads is eliminating things we “don’t” want.

For example, we get a LOT of traffic from Victoria (a city we don’t work). We don’t have any intentional content for it, but we have listings and a sold feed, and Google has a way of finding things even if you don’t want them to.

So what I’m going to do is exclude the listings from Google (both active and sold) - I’ll do this by having no-index, no follow in the header of select cities. Basically, anything that is NOT in my desired city list will be excluded. Tony G had an interesting idea as well where he said you can double ensure your listings are de-indexed by using robots.txt - I’m going to investigate and see if no-index works well enough, but also might try his suggestion.

STOP HERE!!! WARNING!!! - The technical removal of listings and use of things like .htaccess files, noindex, robots.txt etc are extremely advanced techniques and come with very high risk. You should only ever explore these options with a trained SEO professional. (And even then, there are likely less than 5 in the world that could advise you correctly). Don’t do this by yourself. The risk is too high you’ll mess it up. Who are the 5? Doesn’t matter < I don’t work for them. Hire REW we have to do the actual implementation anyways :slight_smile:

What else can you do with hours on this promo?

IDX augmentation - our product has a lot of fields out of the box, but since it’s a national play, it does not always take into account region-specific elements. You can always have a programmer add more fields to your IDX so that consumers use your website (and share it) instead of the competition.

Our goal at Carlycarey.com is to have the most robust MLS search on the market. We have added things like search by agent, or multiple kitchens (because the feed doesn’t have a “with a suite” option so we can cheat and do 2+ kitchens

All kinds of things you can do with MLS:

Actually one of my projects is going to be diving deep into the commercial listings side. Admittedly there are a lot of fields not mapped speciifc to commercial, and there is room to improve what is displayed on the front end as well (don’t show zero bedrooms for instance, just don’t show anything if no beds) that sort of thing.

What if you don’t want Carly’s new site?

No problem!

Not on Renaissance? You are missing out on SO MUCH! It’s time to upgrade. (Use these hours to migrate past customizations that are “must have’s”

Behind on backend upgrades due to customizations? Now is a great time to catch up. There are SO MANY new features you’re likely missing (Epic ones like deals, goals and sources) but also so many more to come

I probably shouldn’t share this (actual screenshot from R & D roadmap) but here are a few things we’ve got cooking :slight_smile:

Disclaimer - not all things in R & D are guaranteed releases nor are dates confirmed.


The screenshot of her homepage looks great! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

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