Which FAQ version do you prefer for your real estate website?

Alright folks, thanks to the help of @Phil @hatzopoulos and @Moriah who are up working late to support me making this thing (though they SHOULD be off having a beer!) we have some FAQ’s!

Now the question is, out of these options (which are different, but the difference is subtle)

Which do you prefer? (you can see them all live here)

Option A: nice and plain (uses + / - for open and close). It’s red to match REW’s CTA’s but the Renaissance default would be black or blue.

Option B: plain but with a box around it.

Option C: Side arrows / down arrows

Option D: Side arrows / down arrows (but with a box around it)

Which do you prefer and why?

Next step, once approved build it into Renaissance (@Rebecca this is an easy one, let’s get this markup into next release)


Option C. It’s a nice clean and modern look. The “Side arrows” to press and the “Down arrows” show the answer.

I agree with Tony, Option C is the most modern and easy-to-read “clean”. I’m not a big fan of boxing it in.

I’m with Tony and Leo. Option C: Side arrows / down arrows is by far my favorite. It is clean and beautiful.

I also like Option C. Easy, clean and classy!

C looks good. Also, not sure if I missed it. search engines do crawl these accordion tabs right?

I’m going to be the odd one out and say I like option A. It’s so clean and simple. Maybe feels a bit wide but that could be because the questions are short.

Option C please. I thought it looked great on both mobile and desktop.

@Mike I was curious about SEO for accordions too. According to this article quoting a Google rep, it is crawled as long as it’s in the page’s HTML.

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@Mike Yes, these are standard semantic HTML, so search engines can crawl the content.

@AmyPye I like “A” as well, though, the functionality might be a little less obvious (maybe that’s because of the width too).

A small tweak to that one might be to line up the left (text) edges.

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I like the options with the boxes. I think the extra “pop” that it gives the questions makes them look more like buttons and invites clicks.

As for the arrows…maybe they should start pointing down and then change to up once the answer is unfurled. This feels more intuitive to me since then the arrow is partially indicating what’s going to happen visually.

Option C with the text lined up

For the folks who like the arrows (and @Phil )

Google uses the following

When something is “open” then the arrow is pointing up ^

When something is “closed” then the arrow is pointing down v

How about giving us options for both styles, boxed and unboxed? :grinning: @AidanC had a good point about feeling like buttons and inviting clicks. I can see uses for both boxed and unboxed FAQs.

I actually liked A & B better with indicators on the right. The controls on the right nicely balanced out the question/answer on the left. However on desktop, A & B just felt too wide. I ended up voting C even though it felt a little too lopsided to the left.

Agreed on doing both (box / no box) @Rebecca we shall make it so!

As for looks weird wide - I think they all do. Much better not full-width page.

Here it is on a blog (not full-width) - I think it looks great!


Great feedback team, thanks so much!

Next topic on FAQ’s!

Thanks for giving us both options. Said it before and I’ll say it again, I really like how collaborative you and REW are with us.


I personally was drawn to Option A because of the simplicity and I also prefer the +/- vs the carrots. Phil’s suggestion may just make it perfect.

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It’s how we get better, right? :slight_smile:

What’s the alternative… NOT talking to our customers :crazy_face:

Appreciate your contributions Victor


I like option C.

Hello everyone,

I find this discussion on FAQ versions for real estate websites quite intriguing. Personally, I lean towards the “Concise and Categorized” approach. In the fast-paced world of real estate, potential buyers and sellers often want quick and clear answers without sifting through lengthy content.

By categorizing FAQs, we can ensure that users find the information they need efficiently. It not only enhances user experience but also helps in organizing content for better SEO, making it easier for search engines to understand and index.

That being said, I also think incorporating a search functionality within the FAQ section is crucial. This allows users to directly query and find specific information, catering to both those who prefer a categorized approach and those who want to dive straight into targeted queries.

Looking forward to hearing more perspectives on this!

Best regards,
Home buyers

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