REW Services & Third Parties

Sometimes, our products integrate or interact with 3rd party services. Examples include:

  • Our IDX product gets its data from the MLS board
  • We also integrate Google Maps in the IDX
  • Text messages can be sent from the REW backend via specific SMS gateways
  • Our IDX Social Connect feature allows users to login to your system using their Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. account logins
  • Our 'Get Local' module's data comes from Onboard Informatics

Naturally, these features are dependent on the operation and cooperation of the third party services. As such, Real Estate Webmasters can't guarantee continuous availability of these features.

Nor can we guarantee that the features will always be available at the same rate (pricing); the third parties always reserve the right to change the access/pricing for their services, which means that REW may need to discontinue the feature, or to change the pricing model, etc.

We will always strive to maintain the operation of such features, as we recognize that they benefit our clients. But it should be understood that such elements are outside of our control, so we are not responsible for any losses resulting from discontinued functionality, even if that functionality existed when you opted in to services with REW. Moreover, we reserve the right to bill for any labour required to update such features in order that they can continue to work with the third party offerings.

Third Parties and the Law

There are also occasions whereby REW is legally required to make changes to the sites we host, according to the laws of various states, nations, etc. If those laws are known to REW at the time that we set up your website, we will do our best to conform to those laws in order to keep our clients (and ourselves) out of court. It should be understood that when such laws are made known to us (or changed) after we set up your site, then any changes requiring labour from our developers will be billable.

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