REW Email System Policy


In order to protect ourselves, our clients, and the affiliated public, Real Estate Webmasters has created the following policy guidelines.

These rules are designed to maintain the reputation of Real Estate Webmasters and its associates, as well as the general public. These regulations are also designed and communicated in an attempt to prohibit disciplinary action on the part of internet authorities against REW and our associated persons/organizations.

Prohibited Actions:

These prohibited actions are in addition to, and inclusive of, those already prohibited by Real Estate Webmasters's terms of service – available here.

Users may not use REW systems or software to:

  • Produce and/or disseminate unsolicited emails of a commercial nature ("spam"). Email activity identified as "spam" is inclusive of, but not limited to the following actions:
    • Sending unrequested and/or unwarranted email communication to a large number of email addresses connected to individuals, companies, or organizations that have no preexisting relationship with your person, organization, or affiliation.
    • Providing email addresses to a third party, without the knowledge and expressed consent of the party associated with a given email address, in exchange for monetary compensation or any other exchange or reciprocity agreement of any kind.
    • Transmitting unauthorized email via third-party open servers.
    • "Mining" or "Harvesting" contact information for the purposes of procuring email addresses from any internet space for the purpose of "spamming."
    • Falsely adopting or impersonating an identity (and/or the email address associated with an identity) with the intent or purpose of transmitting "spam."
    • Hiding, deleting, or otherwise obscuring the "unsubscribe" or "opt out" electronic link required on all mass communications and/or deliberately ignoring any request to be removed from any mailing list or email campaign.
    • Sending any email in violation of the CAN-SPAM act or any other existing and applicable anti-spam legislation.
  • Deliberately or knowingly transmit or disseminate items of a malicious and/or deceptive nature including but not limited to "viruses," "worms," "Trojan horses," "corrupted files," "hoaxes," or any other similar defects.
  • Conduct illegal/unethical social or business affiliations, organization, or schemes such as "pyramid schemes" and the like.
  • Impersonate or otherwise imitate another person, business, organization, or affiliation (via email or otherwise) as well as falsely/misleadingly represent the source or origin of any electronic communication (email or otherwise).
  • Transmit the intellectual property or otherwise proprietary information of others without the knowledge and clearly expressed permission of a given owner, creator, or licensor.
  • Encourage, facilitate, promote, or otherwise condone illegal activity of any nature.
  • Prohibit or interfere with the enjoyment of use by any person, business, organization or affiliation.
  • Create multiple accounts in violation of REW’s terms of service or create accounts under fraudulent circumstances or via automated means.
  • Transfer any REW account for any unauthorized commercial purpose, monetary/exchange-based compensation, or exploitation.
  • Adapt, modify, translate, reverse engineer, or otherwise interfere with or augment any portion of the mail service or general system.
  • Reformat or frame any component of any webpage related to the mail service or general system.
  • Remove, obstruct, ignore, or otherwise interfere with any intellectual property and proprietary rights belonging to Real Estate Webmasters and all associated clients and affiliates including, but not limited to, copyrights, registers, and trademarks.
  • Communicate any content that can be reasonably considered harassment, defamatory, abusive, fraudulent, prejudiced, plagiarism, infringement, obscene, or in any other way objectionable or illegal in nature.
  • Communicate, disseminate, or otherwise share or propagate any content that could be reasonably considered harmful to minors or any other legally-protected group.
  • Communicate, disseminate, or otherwise share or propagate any content that could be reasonably considered racist, sexist, ageist, or in any other way defamatory towards a given sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, or constitutionally-protected lifestyle choice.
  • Note: the term “reasonably” used herein references the legal fiction deployed within common law pertaining to the “reasonable person.”

Double Opt-In

If you are sending mass email via Real Estate Webmasters IPs, you need to use double opt-in for email addresses hosted by AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo. This is to ensure we comply with the Best Practices for mass mailers documented by these third parties.


You are required to notify Real Estate Webmasters of any breach in the security of our services – included but not limited to the unauthorized use of your account and related information and/or password.


Real Estate Webmasters retains the right to terminate any account or activity deemed unlawful, inappropriate, or otherwise in violation of our policy, regulations, and/or terms of service. Those found in violation of any breach are liable for disciplinary action that may result in legal prosecution.

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