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Powerful Visual Data in Real Estate

Welcome to REW Insights, the latest visual graphing system integrated into Real Estate Webmasters' CRM. Designed to provide a visual review of your data, this feature promises to revolutionize the way you perceive and utilize information. We sat down with Rebecca Warn, Business Analyst here at Real Estate Webmasters, and a pivotal member of our team, to delve deep into the creation and potential of REW Insights. As we unveil this new feature, our goal is to better understand our client's usage patterns and pave the way for more insightful graphs in the future.

A video walkthrough of REW Insights' dashboard.

What is REW Insights?

This new feature provides a historical view of lead activity displayed as a line graph. With multiple dimensions available, including:

  • New leads.
  • Number of visits.
  • Number of emails.
  • Number of calls.
  • Number of searches.
  • Number of form submissions.
  • Plus many more.

Next, we asked Rebecca for her insights (pun intended) about our new feature.

REW Insights' example dashboard.

REW Insights' example dashboard.

Rebecca Warn's Insights

Q: In your own words, describe this update from Real Estate Webmasters.
A: One of the main features the Product Team has released is introducing graphs into the CRM. In order to visualize and show all the data we have in the CRM, the Product Team is aiming to add graphs in the CRM for Agents, Brokers, and Admins. This first graph is a line graph in the CRM dashboard, and is a consumer activity view; for example, how many new and returning leads appeared in the last two weeks, what are our leads doing? How are they interacting with your website?

Q: How does the REW Insights feature help our existing clients?
A: You're able to view a visual representation of your Lead's activity over time and how often these leads have been contacted. You can use this graph to visually see how well your website attracting interesting leads.

Q: What makes REW Insights better than what's currently out in the market?
A: We have added many dimensions so you can create your own unique line graph to track your lead's activities, follow-up actions, and forms they have submitted over time. We’ve added a fully custom date range, so you can view your chosen data over whatever time frame you need. We tried to build this graph as flexible as possible so you can craft your own line graphs to meet your needs.

The REW Insights release is a testament to the evolving needs of real estate professionals. By introducing graphs into our CRM, we're not just providing another visual tool but a comprehensive system that allows Agents, Brokers, and Admins to gain a deeper understanding of their client's activity. This isn't just about tracking leads; it's about understanding the nuances of client behavior. The ability to customize and craft unique line graphs offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring that each user can tailor the tool to their specific needs. Moreover, the emphasis on a fully custom date range showcases the team's commitment to providing a tool that's adaptable to various analytical requirements. 

Ultimately, this presents the data on your website in a way that's actionable, insightful, and tailored to the unique demands of the real estate industry.

REW Insights' date range capabilities.

REW Insights' date range capabilities.

In Conclusion

As we wrap up our exploration of REW Insights, we're eager to see how you harness its power. Your feedback and usage will shape the future of graphing with our CRM. A big thanks to Rebecca Warn for her insights and dedication. Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning of a more visually informative journey with Real Estate Webmasters.

REW Insights FAQ

Who can benefit from using REW Insights?

REW Insights is designed for Agents, Brokers, and Admins who want to gain a deeper understanding of their client's activity and website performance.

What kind of data can I visualize with REW Insights?

The initial release features a line graph that displays client activity, such as the number of new and returning leads over a specific period and their interactions with your website.

How does REW Insights enhance my understanding of lead activity?

REW Insights provides a visual representation of your lead's activity over time, showing how often leads have been contacted, how they interact with your website, and more.

Can I customize the graphs in REW Insights?

Yes, REW Insights offers many dimensions, allowing users to create unique line graphs. It also features a fully custom date range to view data over any desired time frame.

Will there be more graph types introduced in REW Insights in the future?

While the initial release features a line graph, the goal is to understand user patterns and introduce more insightful gaps in the future based on feedback and requirements.

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