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Virtual Realty is Here! Is Your Company Ready?

Michael Audet posted this 1,311 Views

Virtual Reality is here, is your company ready to take advantage? I was just looking through some of the websites of real estate companies I admire, but don’t serve ,since we are in the technology business, and I was amazed at how many great companies have substandard websites.  Most, but not all, are at least responsive now, but beyond that many designs are so dated and the user interface is so cumbersome and they just look old.  Today, the truth is, if your website is m...

Behind the scenes of Discover

Virginia posted this 1,546 Views

To find out exactly what our latest site design is all about, I interviewed two of the clever minds behind Discover—REW's newest website design. Designer Brendan Katernick and developer Evan Seabrook tell all about the making of Discover.  Q: How would you describe the style of the new website? Who do you think it will appeal to?  Brendan – The Discover site builds on our design for Vision with some more modern enhancements. I think it will appeal to single agents...

Client spotlight - Jolenta Averill, Lake & City Homes Realty

Virginia posted this 1,225 Views

One of the things we love about our work at REW is that no client is the same—everyone has an interesting story to tell about their market their business or their personal journey into real estate. In our interview with longtime client Jolenta Averill, we share her fascinating journey into real estate and how she became a successful, independent broker in Madison, Wisconsin. Jolenta surpassed $100 million in personal sales volume in 2017.  Q: While most brokers come into rea...

Customizing REW Software? Read This First!

Michael Audet posted this 1,105 Views

One of the big reasons I joined Real Estate Webmasters four years, ago after consulting with them for 2 years prior, was due to their ability to take on any custom project, no matter how big.  Over my earlier career working with a number of very good software companies, not being able to customize software to a client’s needs was one of the major challenges I experienced,.   We were always trying to convince any potential customer that our software, our technology, was t...

Study: Should Real Estate Websites Use Forced Registration?

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 5 3,149 Views

If there's one contentious issue when it comes to real estate websites, it's registration settings. Some agents swear by forced registration and others shudder at the mere mention of the words. The purpose of this blog is to provide a powerful example of how forced registration can impact real estate lead generation in a big way. What is Forced Registration? Before we jump into our experiment, let's clarify exactly what it is we mean by "forced registration." In this case, we mean t...

What's the difference between REW CRM and the REW Leads app?

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 1,486 Views

Here at Real Estate Webmasters, we've created two phenomenal lead follow-up tools for our clients to use. Both are included as part of the monthly SaaS program and both can be used to help take your business to the next level, improving your ability to follow up with clients and leads. However, despite seeming similar on the surface, REW CRM and REW Leads are two very different pieces of software. Let's break them down... REW CRM overview Mobile responsive web platform Single ...

Announcing REW’s second spring release

Vy L posted this 1,117 Views

REW’s second spring release is here! I hope you are seeing our commitment to regular platform updates as we continue to introduce changes every month. Our product development team has also been busy preparing for the launch of the latest REW website platform. If you have not heard about this, take a look at Morgan’s announcement in this recent blog post. We’ll have more news to share about this feature-rich design in the near future, while we’re working hard to bri...

Should you get an iOS app, Android app, or both?

Andy posted this 1,349 Views

Now that we've launched our branded REW IDX app and our clients have taken notice, we've started to receive questions about the two different versions of the app. One of the biggest questions is whether a real estate agent needs an iOS app, an Android app, or both. In this post, we're going break it down and answer that question. When one app is actually two First, let's explain why we have two separate apps. When an app is created for both iOS and Android, the app is created ...

The 2 ways to turn buyers into loyal lifelong clients

Real Estate Webmasters posted this 2,540 Views

Real Estate Webmasters recently hired a market research company to complete extensive surveys and interviews with Realtors, buyers, and sellers across North America. We gained a lot of valuable insight into the real estate industry, which we've shared throughout this blog over the past month. In this post, we're going to summarize the research that told us how Realtors can turn their buyers and sellers into loyal, lifelong clients who will be happy to share their name with all their famil...

Will Upgrading My Real Estate Website Hurt My SEO?

Eric Doty posted this 1,451 Views

Upgrading your site can be scary. You've worked hard to build up authority, earn traffic, and create a system that effectively generates leads. Therefore, it's understandable that one of the most common questions we get when people are considering an upgrade is, "Will this hurt my SEO?" The short answer is "no." Completed properly, an upgrade shouldn't have any negative impacts on the authority you've built. If anything, it should only help. Here's what you need to know: Steps...